Links to Librotraficantes and the Book Ban in Tucson…

Yesterday morning I read a beautiful poem—fierce and impassioned and it left me both breathless and wanting to run through the streets, pausing only to hechar gritos…one grito after another…because this poem so perfectly captured what I felt:

 “Alphabet” Poem by Deborah Miranda…in solidarity with the Librotraficantes…

Yesterday morning, the Librotraficante bus left Houston for San Antonio, El Paso, Albuquerque, Tucson…they have a full schedule of press conferences, teach-in’s, readings, and the establishing of Underground Libraries…Please check out their website for more information, their schedule, and to donate:

There’s a poem boiling up in me too in response to the Book Ban in Tucson, but it hasn’t quite arrived…I so envy my friend Belinda Acosta, however, who is on the Librotraficante bus….for those of you lucky enough to be her friend on Facebook, she’s already posted pictures from the first day on the road…for everyone else, her report should be appearing soon at the Texas Observer..

For those of you in San Antonio or who are able to get there tonight…Librotraficante Banned Book Bash at the Gualadupe Cultural Arts Center, 1300 Guadalupe Street, San Antonio featuring Lorna Dee Cervantes, Sandra Cisneros, Luis Alberto Urrea, Carmen Tafolla, Xavier Garza, John Phillip Santos, Anthony The Poet, Tony Diaz and more…

I also recommend this link, posted yesterday, by Tony Diaz…heartbreaking and powerful. I was that child too. Born to migrant workers, translating at a young age…in my case, negotiating with landlords, as we looked for places to live in different towns.  I don’t know who I would be as a writers–as a person–without books—specifically, without some of the books on the banned list…

CNN/Opinion/I am a Book Trafficker by Tony Diaz

 A Copy of Tucson’s Banned Book List

What follows are some other interesting links…video-recorded poetry readings, one in Fort Worth and one in Albuquerque…Rich Villar and Sergio Troncoso on the Book Ban…several articles….and information about a Teach-In that took place in Georgia…

And following those links, a poem I had published in an anthology more than 10 years ago…in Cantos Al Sexto Sol: A Collection of Aztalahuac Writing edited by Cecilio Garcia-CamarilloRoberto Rodriguez , and Patrisia Gonzales which is now also banned….

Safe travelling, Librotraficantes…

Mi corazonaztlan is with all of you, all of us who cannot let this stand…




Presented by Sound Culture/Tammy Melody Gomez, Fort Worth, TX. Reading took place Monday, March 12th, 2012

Poetry Video: Albuquerque Taking a Stand Against Tucson 3/4/12

a condensed video of the Defendemos Libros poetry reading against cultural genocide in Tucson. Filmed at the Outpost, Albuquerque, NM.

Literati Boricua: We Are All Librotraficantes: On the Banning of Books in Tucson, Arizona

Video clips of Rich Villar and Sergio Troncoso has several articles including Links for various authors responding to the book ban:

Banned Authors Respond

 TUSD flagrantly violates Constitution and International Human Rights Treaties

Banned in Tucson

An Interview with Carlos Munoz on the Tucson Book Ban

 National Group Defends MAS in U.S. District Court

 Georgia State University organized a “Teach-In for Tucson Event”

More info here:

Website states video is coming soon…



the body has always known its origins

land   languages     god(s)

call its names in a running leap of silent

screams and the body will answer

imagínate    tu cuerpo     tu historia

limbs of conquest and civilizations

wombs of continent crossing generations

your hands a million million laboring days

begin searching with your fingertips

maps of the contouring earth

cling to flesh and limbs, and remember

places your eyes have never seen

follow the blue veins to red organs

where languages known and lost

thunder with stories like the

birthing of obsidian, and listen

try to forget what lives in your bones

try to silence the voices speaking

behind your beating heart, try to ignore

the yearning recognition of islands and sky

rename your body, let them count

and classify it, studying kidneys

liver brains flesh bone skin hair

but written on your intestines, the names

of your antepasados, their dreams

seeded corn in fertile lands, waiting


oceans    sky   the tierra itself

you hold rivers and canyons and our place of origin

the trails through your veins the paths of your hair

everything leading back to your corazónaztlan


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