Literary Fiction by Latinx/Native American Authors Published 2012-2015 Part One: Alexie-Gonzales

So I decided to make a list…After that awful all-white authors list in the NY Times by Janet Maslin, I also saw all kinds of African American alternative lists as well as an Indian alternative list by All Desi….

It seemed to me we needed a Latinx/Native American list…I want to thank everyone on Facebook who sent me their suggestions. It took a while to go through them and make sure they all fit the following requirements:


Literary Fiction

Published 2012-2015

(And my apologies, but no memoirs, no YA or children’s titles, no genre fiction, no reprints or new editions, no self-published titles…if you decide to create your own lists of these, please do feel free to post your link in the comments.)

I hope to make this a definitive list. If you see something I’m missing and it fits the above requirements, please let me know.

(This is part one (Alexie-Gonzales), part two and part three will be posted soon!)

Literary Fiction by Latinx/Native American Authors Published 2012-2015

Part One:

Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories by Sherman Alexie

(Grove Press, 2013)


Lo Que Trae La Marea/What the Tide Brings by Xanath Caraza

(Mouthfeel Press, 2013)


Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jennine Capo Crucet
(St. Martin’s Press, 2015)


Give It To Me by Ana Castillo

(Feminist Press, 2014)


Have You Seen Marie? by Sandra Cisneros

(Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2012)


Hotel Juarez by Daniel Chacon

(Arte Publico, 2013)


The King and Queen of Comezon by Denise Chavez

(University of Oklahoma Press, 2014)


 Perla by Carolina de Robertis

(Vintage, 2013)


The Five Acts of Diego Leon by Alex Espinoza

(Random House, 2013)


This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz

(Riverhead Books, 2013)


The Round House by Louise Erdrich

(Harper, 2012)

round house

Empanada: A Lesbiana Story en Probaditas by Anel Flores

(Korima Press, 2013)


Death to the Bullshit Artists of South Texas, Vol. 1 by Fernando A. Flores
(Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, 2014)


King of Cuba by Cristina Garcia
(Scribner, 2013)

king of cuba

Before the End, After the Beginning by Dagoberto Gilb
(Grove Press, 2012)


The Miniature Wife and Other Stories – Manuel Gonzales

(Riverhead Books, 2014)



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