List in progress-Native-authored books published 2010-2017

In a small effort to support visibility for Native American authors with recent book publications, I’ve drawn together this list (with help from Facebook friends!)…

Please help make this list as complete as possible…feel free to suggest any titles (any genre except scholarly/children’s, no anthologies) published by Native authors since 2010.

Please share this list widely–let’s encourage readers to buy and read, encourage libraries to order, and encourage professors to use to invite authors…

For an extremely comprehensive list (prose listings in progress) that covers 1993-2015, please go to:

Sherwin Bitsui
Flood Song (poetry)
Shapeshift (poetry)

Trevino L. Brings Plenty
Wakpá Wanáǧi, Ghost River (poetry)
Real Indian Junk Jewelry (poetry)
Removing Skin (poetry)

Allison Hedge Coke
Burn (poetry)
Streaming (memoir)
Rock, Ghost, Willow, Deer (memoir)

Eddie Chuculate
Cheyenne Madonna (short stories)

Natalie Diaz
When My Brother was an Aztec (poetry)

Carolyn Dunn’s
Echolocation: Poems from Indian Country L.A. (poetry)
The Stains of Burden and Dumb Luck (poetry)

Deborah Magpie Earling
The Lost Journals of Sacawagea (artist book/mixed)

Louise Erdrich
The Round House (novel)
La Rose (novel)

Linda LeGarde Grover
The Road Back to Sweetgrass (novel)
The Dance Boots (short stories)

Joy Harjo
Crazy Brave (memoir)
Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings: Poems (poetry)

Brandon Hobson
Where the Dead Sit Talking (novel-forthcoming)

Linda Hogan
Indios (poetry)

Sara Sue Hoklotubbe
The American Cafe (novel-mystery)
Deception on all Accounts (novel-mystery)

Blake Houseman
Riding the Trail of Tears (novel)

LeAnne Howe
Choc-talking on Other Realities (memoir)

Toni Jensen
From the Hilltop (novel)

Stephen Graham Jones
Not for Nothing (novel)
After the People Lights Have Gone Off (novel)
Mongrels (novel)

Daniel Heath Justice
The Way of Thorn & Thunder Triology
Kynship (novel)
Wyrwood (novel)
Dreyd (novel)

Chip Livingston
Naming Ceremony (novel)

Layli Longsoldier
Whereas (poetry)

Adrian C. Louis                                                                                                                     Savage Sunsets (poetry)                                                                                                     Random Exorcisms (poetry)

Denise Low
Mélange Block (poetry)

Tiffany Midge
The Woman Who Married a Bear (poetry)

Devon Mihesuah                                                                                                           Document of Expectations (novel)

Deborah Miranda
Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir (memoir)
Raised by Humans: Poems (poetry)

Jeanetta Calhoun Mish
What I Learned at the War (poetry)
Oklahomeland (essays)

N. Scott Momaday                                                                                                                 Again the Far Morning (poetry)

Paul Montgomery                                                                                                                     Lies (poetry)

Shauna Osborn                                                                                                                   Arachnid Verve (poetry)

Susan Power
Sacred Wilderness (novel)

Rain Prud’homme-Cranford
Smoked Mullet Cornbread Crawdad Memory (poetry)

Marcie Rendon
Murder on the Red River (novel)

Barbara Robidoux                                                                                                               Sweetgrass Burning: Stories from the Rez (short stories)                                                 The Legacy of Lucy Little Bear (novella)

Linda Rodriguez
Every Broken Trust (mystery-novel)
Every Last Secret (mystery-novel)
Every Hidden Fear (mystery-novel)
Every Family Doubt (mystery-novel-forthcoming)

Odilia Galván Rodríguez
The Nature of Things (poetry)

Kim Shuck
Rabbit Stories (short stories)
Clouds Running In (poetry)

Leslie Marmon Silko                                                                                                                The Turquoise Ledge (memoir)                                                                                     Oceanstory (poetry)

Drew Hayden Taylor
Motorcycles and Sweetgrass (novel)
Dead White Writer on the Floor (novel)
God and the Indian (play)
Take Us to Your Chief and Other Stories (stories)

Tim Tingle
House of Purple Cedar (novel)

Gerald Vizenor
Blue Ravens (novel)

Frances Washburn
The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band (novel)

Michael Wasson
This American Ghost(poetry-forthcoming)

Daniel H. Wilson
Robopocalypse (novel)
Amped (novel)
Robogenesis (novel)

Tanaya Winder
Words Like Love (poetry)

Erika Wurth
Indian Trains (poetry)
Crazyhorse’s Girlfriend (novel)
A Thousand Horses Out to Sea (poetry)
Buckskin Cocaine (short stories)

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  1. Please add my books: Sweetgrass Burning: Stories from the Rez 2016 and The Legacy of Lucy Little Bear thank you,Barbara Robidoux

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