Interviews available online:

Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say. May 8, 2018–3 Artists: a Latina Opera Singer, a Chicana Poet, and an Immigration Activist

Interview of ire’ne Lara Silva by Xánath Caraza.

Blood Sugar Canto: an interview with ire’ne lara silva conducted by Therese Marie Konopelski

(Interview in Spanish) ire’ne lara silva con minúscula. Un talento furioso by Larissa Davila.

Daniel Chacon interviews ire’ne lara silva and Dan Vera about the anthology, Imaniman

Rogue Agent’s interview with ire’ne lara silva: “ire’ne lara silva talks about embodied poetry and writing Blood Sugar Canto”

Nicole Ross Rollender’s Carpe Noctem interview with ire’ne lara silva:

Tim Z. Hernandez’ Introduction for Words on a Wire Interview:

Words on a Wire Interview:

Profiled by Dr. Trevor Boffone:

Interviewed by Amelia Montes about the new collection of poetry, Blood Sugar Canto

Interviewed with Dan Vera about the IMANIMAN Anthology by Olga Garcia for La Bloga:

Interviewed by Eddie Madril for Bay Native Circle Radio:

Interviewed by Amelia Montes, “Creating Art from Diabetes: An Interview with ire’ne lara silva on ‘enduring azucares’:

Interviewed by Cindy Huyser:

Interview on Xica Nation:

Profile on Tu San Antonio:

Austin American Statesman–Austin Gente series:

National Latino Book Club/Las Comadres Interview May 2014
Download podcast here:

Interview discussing flesh to bone with Juan Luis Guzman on Letras Latinas (January 2014)

Words on a Wire (Audio) Hosts Benjamin Alire Saenz and Daniel Chacon interview ire’ne lara silva (January 2014)

Ire’ne Lara Silva and Lee Francis IV on Writing on the Air (December 2013)

HerKind–Beyond the Ban to Name the Beast: A Conversation with CantoMundo Founders and Fellows (October 2013)

I Am A Vampire of Human Electrodes: Two Poets Talk About Writing and Why Likable Characters Are Boring (Bitch Magazine, August 2013)

Herkind–On Furia and Writing Wild: A Conversation with ire’ne lara silva and Stalina Villarreal (July 2013)

Short interview with Francois Pointeau before the Austin Feminist Poetry Festival (May 2013)

Ire’ne Lara Silva, Lisa Marie Estus & Liz Belile on Writing on the Air (September 2012)

Weaving Writers Together: Millicent Accardi Borges and ire’ne lara silva on Boxcar Poetry Review (Winter 2011)

Letras Latinas: An Interview with ire’ne lara silva by Lauro Vazquez Rueda

La Bloga: ire’ne lara silva on Diabetes Poetry: An Interview by Amelia Montes

Interview with Corazon Bilingue February 2011

Radio Interview with Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say (On the Air!) January 2011 (Link no longer available.)

Performances/Podcast Interviews:

December 2012, Transcultural Poetry Reading, Women and Fair Trade Festival, Austin, TX

Stories & Queer Reading, featured with Lauren Espinoza and Charles Rice-Gonzalez

June 2012 Words on a Wire (Audio) Hosts Benjamin Alire Saenz and Daniel Chacon interview Javier O. Huerta…Poetic License segment by ire’ne lara silva (online link no longer available)

December 2011 Flor De Nopal Literary Festival (Audio) Part 1 Featuring invited poets: Scott Wiggerman, Carmen Tafolla, Christopher Carmona, Sarah Shaney Reeves, Gloria Amescua, Ari Chagoya, Katherine Pace, jo reyes-boitel, Abriel Louise Young, Trey Moore, Lauren Espinoza, Joe Jimenez, K. Denea Stewart, Celeste Mendoza, Rachel Jennings, Jorge Antonio Renaud, Tammy Melody Gomez, Brenda Nettles Riojas, ire’ne lara silva, and Erin Bad Hand

July 2011 CantoMundo (Audio) Part 1 and Part 2 Featuring 2011 CantoMundo Fellows

February 24, 2011 from Reading at Cocina del Caribe, Mission, TX Part 1 and Part 2 (Video)

Links to other articles:

Abrianna Jette at Stay Thirsty Magazine on poems from Blood Sugar Canto:

San Antonio Express: Silva Wins Literary Award 08.19.2014

Writers’ favorite books of 2013 (SFGate) 12.13.2013

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 ( 12.02.2013

Where Freedom Grows (Poets & Writers) 05.01.2013
Latino Poets Connect at CantoMundo (Poets & Writers) 10.31.2011


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