Individual Publications in Literary Reviews/Anthologies:

Short Fiction:

“xoxotlame, my love” and “the light of your body” in Yellow Medicine Review, forthcoming

“with wings, hooves, and horns,” World Literature Today, forthcoming

Reprint: “the seedling wife” in Women, Place, Landscape Anthology edited by Cordelia Barrera, forthcoming

“in this dream of blue horses,” Windward Review, Issue #19

“song of the burning woman,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Volume 39, Winter/Spring 2023

“serpents-her-skirt” in Latina Critical Feminisms, Issue #5, May 2022

“border as womb emptied of night and swallows,”  Nepantla Familias: A Mexican-American Anthology of Literature on Families in between Worlds, edited by Sergio Troncoso, April 2021

“los ocelotes del norte,” in Acentos Review, March 2021

“hibiscus tacos” in The Rumpus, February 2021

“of the green grasses” in Pleiades Review, Issue 40.2, Summer 2020.

“huitzitzlin” in Blue Mesa Review, Issue #41, May 2020

“marzipan” in The Thing Itself, March 2020

“of the seedling wife” in Apogee Journal, Winter 2019

“la huesera” in NewBorder: An Anthology, Spring 2014

“duermate” published in Kwelli Journal

“cortando las nubes” in Yellow Medicine Review, Winter 2011

“the ocean’s tongue” published in Acentos Review, September 2010

“hunger/hambre/mayantli” published in Cipactli, January 2008


Reprint: “Stories Without End” in Women, Place, Landscape Anthology edited by Cordelia Barrera, forthcoming

“Some Kind of Tomorrow” in The Routledge Handbook of CoFuturisms edited by Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Grace Dillon, Isiah Lavender III, and Taryne Jade Taylor, forthcoming

“La Desemboca: Healing the Wound that Never Heals,” Latinx Poetics: Essays on the Art of Poetry, edited by Ruben Quesada, University of New Mexico Press, 2022

“Counterbalance: An Essay on Not Mothering”  April, 2019

“Encorazonadxs: On Writing and Creating Community From the Heart,” July, 2018

“Nomiccama Nomiccanacayo: On the Necessity of Making Art in Difficult Times,” La Voz, January 2018

“bailando con los ojos: a short essay on my father and on dancing,” La Voz, June 2017

“everything must be a little wild,” IMANIMAN, Poets Writing on the Anzalduan Borderlands, (Aunt Lute Books, 2017)

Spanish Translation of “Reflections on mothers, fathers, poetry and the androgynous mind” in Revista Sincope.


“poem for my kidneys” and “what the curandera said” in Oyedrum, forthcoming

“cempasuchil” in A Gathering of the Tribes, April 2023

“the sound of rain” and “the eaters of flowers” forthcoming in Huizache #10

Reprint: “dieta indigena” in Latino Poetry: A New Anthology, edited by Rigoberto Gonzalez, forthcoming September 2024

“descanso,” “the pain of the body is sacred,” and “what my mother said” in Tikkun Magazine, February 2023

“scatterer of ashes,” “devotional,” “warning for the young wanting to heal generations past,” “let dawn break,” and “sometimes i crave the color red” in Puro Chicanx: Contemporary Chicanx Writers Anthology, 2020

“axolotl” in the New York Times, September 2019

“cuicacalli’ in the Journal of Latina Critical Feminisms, February 2019

“the scatterer of ashes” in La Voz de Esperanza, December 2018/January 2019

“axolotl,” “the story we heard at dawn,” “marrow and light,” and “after The Sunflower” in Chachalaca Review, December 2018

“a song for burning” in Jet Fuel Review, December 2018

“NAGUAL,” “poem for Tlatecuhtli,” “what i remembered yesterday,” and “prayer for the lost children” in Acentos, August 2018

“en trozos/in pieces” and “one-sided conversations with my mother” in Entre Guadalupe y La Malinche Anthology, February 2016

“love song for my organs” in Huizache, October 2015

“shame: a ghazal in pieces,” “you do not understand,” and “two sugars” in La Tolteca Zine, Spring 2015

“blood-sugar-canto,” “dieta indigena,” and “the world is medicine,” in El Mundo Zurdo 4 Anthology, May 2015

“one-sided conversations with my mother,” in La Palabra-The Word is a Woman/Mothers and Daughters Anthology

“en trozos/in pieces” in Luna Luna Magazine, 8/31/14

“October 2, 2013” and “no more barbed wire” in Dialogo, Fall 2014

“despair” in AIPF Anthology 2014

“i call myself back” in Chicana/Latina Studies MALCS Journal, June 2014

Excerpt from “love song for my organs” in ToeGood Poetry, May 2014

“neuropathy: poems of 4 words or less” in Mujeres de Maiz, Spring 2014

“diabetic love song” in As/Us, Spring 2014

“the diabetic lover” in G.R.I.T.S. Anthology, Winter 2013

“diabeticepidemic” and “tierra” in the Gulf Stream Anthology, Fall 2013

“ode to the syringe” in Huizache Review, Fall 2013

“labwork,” “depression: an interrupted sestina,” and “the world is medicine” in Clackamas Literary Review, Fall 2013

“the geo-physics of de-tribalization” in Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe, April 2013

“geo-physics of de-tribalization” and “dieta indigena” in Kuikatl, November 2012

“frontera me viste crecer’ in the forthcoming Beat Texas poetry anthology

“luciano,” “dreaming in blossom,” and “peom for the wind” in Ginosko, Summer 2012

“poem for frida: patron saint of art and pain” in Bordersenses, Summer 2012

“we don’t give morphine for heartburn” in Mas Tequila Review, Summer 2012

“susto” in El Retorno: Our Serpent’s Tongue, May 2012

“soledad” written with Moises S. L. Lara, in Palabra, Summer 2012

“diabeticepidemic” and “frontera me viste crecer” in upcoming Tejana Anthology ed. By Norma Cantu, Sonia Saldivar Hull, and Loribeth Rodriguez, forthcoming

“the geo-physics of de-tribalization,” La Bloga, Poets Responding to SB 1070

“frontera me viste crecer” in the Beat Texas Anthology, forthcoming

“(for clarice)” in Improbable Worlds, an anthology of Texas and Louisiana Poets, December 2011

Excerpt from “movimiento,”, Institute for Public School Initiatives; Project Share (, Online
course: “On Track English III”; Lesson: “Cognates”; Page: “Words Migrate”, Fall 2011

“love of people” in Turtle Island to Abya Yala: A Love Anthology of Art and Poetry by Native American and Latina Women, December 2011

“djata’s poetry” in Pilgrimage, Volume 36, Issue 1, Summer 2011

“la frontera: aqui sonamos de mezcla” in Revista Literaria de El Tecolote 7/28-8/10, 2010

“question from the café’s only brown poet’ and ‘warning: for the indigena/o who writes” in Finding Gloria: Nos/Otras, 2010

“i come from women illiterate and rough-skinned” in Kweli Journal, December 2009

“love me” and “the wind suffers love” in The Weight of Addition: Texas Poetry Anthology, December 2007

“did you find god on the roads” in Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders, Spring 2007

“pensar en ti” published in Palabra: A Magazine of Chicano and Latino Art, November 2006

“you keep” published in Kalliope: A Journal of Women’s Literature & Art, 2006

“ilesa”, “freedom: second poem”, “la tinta”, “no dejaremos”, and “tierra de batalla” published in Soleado: Revista de Literatura y Cultura, February 2006

“remember when in a dream” published in Rhapsoidia Literary Review, January 2005

“my sister can’t sleep” published in Worcester Review, December 2004

“corazonaztlan”, published in Codex Aztlanahuac: In Search of a Homeland, edited by Patricia Gonzales, Roberto Rodriguez, and Cecilio Garza Camarillo, November 2002.

“behind the garden with no boundaries” published in AIPF 2001: a diverse city odyssey, April 2001

“trembling makes the earth speak” and “hungry” published in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Spring/Summer 2001

“quemame” and “mi vida my brown man” published in Mesquite Review, May/June 1998

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