All editing/consultation services on hiatus until January 2025

Workshops for groups still available for booking

Editing and Consultation Services Available with award-winning poet/writer ire’ne lara silva

 Services available: *Copy-editing and editing for poetry and fiction, from 20-500 pages; *Manuscript consultation; *Writing Coach; *First Book Promotional Campaigns; *Texas Book Tours;  *Personalized packages to fit each writer

Recent testimonials from clients:

ire’ne is a careful and conscientious reader. When she reviews work for critique, you can tell that she genuinely cares about the success of each poem and will give you detailed, honest, and valuable advice on how to achieve that success. –B.B.

ire’ne’s editorial expertise transformed my manuscript and helped push my poems into a strong, finished collection. She has a keen ability to identify key elements of style and voice and group central themes, and this helped me look at my manuscript with fresh eyes. Her honest and thoughtful approach makes it easier to hear the tough questions and accept the challenges she presents. ire’ne reached deep into my book and helped me declutter and polish, and I am thrilled with the end result. –L.H.

In reading my manuscript, ire’ne brought a critical eye, a compassionate touch and daring suggestions that pushed me as a poet and as a person.  I am especially thankful to her for challenging me to feel and vocalize, rather than analyze, my way through a poem. Our interactions in person or in writing were a conversation, un dueto, between two poets but more importantly two people that learn from one another. It was a great privilege to work with a master of her craft that taught me how to better struggle with and endure the process of each poem.–L.A.

I am immensely grateful to ire’ne lara silva for the guidance and insights she offered me as I released my first book. New to the publishing world, I felt assured, affirmed, and apoyado with ire’ne’s kind, firm words and nudges and her unrelenting commitment to la palabra. I am excited to work alongside ire’ne again with the release of my second book this spring. –J.J.

ire’ne lara silva helped me establish a whole season of publicity that included touring various cities and doing a wonderful range of interviews for my first book of poetry. She interviewed me about my goals, set realistic expectations, gave me courage, and helped me meet my vision. Her genius is as simple and honest as an open flame, and it lit up a path for me to follow. She is inventive, capable, organized, and most importantly, she owns her work, so in taking me on, she worked me hard too. I highly recommend her services, and I’m jealous of anyone who gets the brilliant use of her time. My path as a writer is paved with stones of gratitude, and many of them have ire’ne’s name firmly etched into them. –N.T.


Current available workshops:

1) Caressing the Flame: Writing the Difficult…
Whether we’re writing from personal experience or on behalf of our characters going through difficult life experiences, it can be challenging to write poetry or prose that is alive, present, authentic, and risky. In this workshop, we’ll be trying several different approaches to really enter those places and find what we need there–for ourselves and our characters. Open to writers of all levels and genres.

2) Gritos: On Finding the Sources of Our Voices…
While gritos are most often associated with mariachi groups, el Grito de Dolores, or Mexican culture, we will be looking at gritos from another viewpoint—as a way of finding our own deepest personal voice, to ground the creative mind in our bodies, to root the voice in our hearts, and to both release and control emotion in the body and voice. There will be various visualization exercises, a lot of playing with physical stances, a great deal of sound-making experimentation, and a few short writing/art prompts to examine how we perceive our voices. No experience or familiarity with gritos is needed.

3) Forget Discipline: How To Want Your Way Through Writing… In this class, we absolutely will not talk about ‘stealing time,’ writing schedules, writing on a daily basis, creating a physical space for writing, word counts, or creating outlines. Every time the word ‘discipline’ is spoken, the group will loudly boo, bang pots and pans, or stomp their feet in emphatic opposition. What we will discuss here is inspiration and imagination. We’ll investigate what it means to  start or re-start a book project, connecting with the root of our desire to write, to create, to speak, to share. We’ll interrogate the internal/external obstacles that keep us from the work we long to do. We’ll question everything we’ve ever thought writing or writers have to be. This workshop will focus on sharpening our hunger to write—day after day, week after week, month after month.

4) Feeding the Tiger: Writings on Sex…                                                                              My current prose project has had me ruminating on the division between erotica and literary fiction with graphic depictions of sex. What I find necessary in my work is for the graphic sex to be essential to the plot or to the character’s journey. We will begin with writing prompts inspired by sexual deities from around the world, followed by writing prompts inspired by various art films or favorite novels. Our writing exercises will focus on finding the meaning and profundity of sex in writing.  Some recommended films for discussion: Secretary, Nymphomaniac Volume I, A L’Aventure, Concussion, I Am Happiness on Earth….*Absolutely no one under 18, and please be prepared for open discussion.

5) Dismantling Doubt (3 hours or 6 hours) Everyone—from the beginning writer to the most established writer—has to deal with doubt at some time or another.. In this 6 hour intensive, we’ll discuss some approaches to getting over, under, around, and/or through doubt. Open to writers and non-writers at any level of experience.

6) The Stories Our Bodies Tell                                                                                         Our bodies are more than height and weight, color and shape, age and ability. Our bodies are also storytellers. They hold our childhoods, our joys, our pleasures, our hurts, our adventures. They tell stories about families and relationships. They dream the future and reveal it day by day. This writing workshop, open to writers and non-writers and everyone in between will attempt to draw out the stories of our bodies and how they’ve moved in the world.

7) Contemplating Mortality to Fuel Your Writing Practice                          This three-hour virtual workshop will primarily feature discussions and writing exercises centered on mortality, life, and writing goals. The intent is to move away from fear and towards truth, to sit comfortably or uncomfortably with reminders of our mortality, to both grieve and celebrate our losses, and to strategize how a realistic but peaceful relationship with our mortality can fuel us as artists.

8) Sitting in Your Power (3 hours) So many of our conversations with ourselves and other artists center around doubt, imposter syndrome, being critical of our work, and comparing ourselves to others. In these 3 hours of guided meditations, discussions, and writing prompts, we will focus on claiming our spaces, owning our voices, and dreaming our futures as writers, thinkers, and individuals.

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