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The Texas Book Festival was a whirlwind, but what a great time it was! Sixteen years since I first attended and dreamt of being an author presenting my own book!


Latest reviews for flesh to bone:
Veronica Bayette Flores in Feministing: http://feministing.com/2014/07/24/feministing-readz-looking-for-home-in-irene-lara-silvas-flesh-to-bone/

David Bowles in The Monitor: http://www.themonitor.com/life/top-shelf-flesh-to-bone-explores-border-between-ghostly-and/article_3be7c26e-a562-11e3-920a-0017a43b2370.html?TNNoMobile

Next reading:
November 6, 2014 12pm ire’ne lara silva Reading, Palo Alto College Native American/Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration 2014, Palo Alto College, Student Center Annex, 1400 W. Villaret, San Antonio, TX

November 18, 2012 6pm RevisoWrimo Write-In and Reading, ire’ne lara silva with David Roe, Lisa Marie Estus, and Mandy Brown. Hosted by Ramona Reeves. Resistencia Bookstore, Austin, TX

November 20, 2014 7pm, Reading, Rice University, Houston, TX

November 22, 2014 2pm, Women and Fair Trade Festival, Austin, TX

Happening now: Flor De Nopal Literary Festival!
Full schedule posted at http://flordenopalliteraryfestival.wordpress.com/

Official website for poet/writer ire'ne lara silva


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